Product Info | SmartComp

Technical Data

Total weight without transport case 
83 kg 
Total weight with transport case87 kg
Engine supplyDiesel
Transport case1200 x 500 x 500 mm (L x W x H)

Technical Data of Assemblies

Compressor unit

Operating pressure 
8 bar 
Power-on time100 %
Effective Capacityapprox. 300 l/min
Oil charge1 l


Number of cylinders 
82 mm
Stroke66 mm
Cylinder capacity349 cm3
Max. tilted position-alternation 
25° (currently 35°)
Oil charge1,2 l

SmartComp consists of 
the following assemblies:

Transport case
Diesel engine

Transport cart optionally:


Design of SmartComp

The Compressor assembly consists of an air pressure unit with oil cooler which is powered by a diesel engine. 

This unit is fixed into a shield box. After removal of the cover SmartComp stays on the box floor and can be operated in this position. 

The shield box serves as a transport case with 4 grips. The compressor assembly is fixed into the transport case and provides all necessary control elements for the operator.